What is the RiiЯ Service?

What benefits to major firms?

Risk models failed in the recent economic crash, in great part due to three factors

The perspective taken on risk was mainly ‘Inside Out’, hiding objective Outside-In assessments
Interlinked risks were lost due to the ‘silo’ approach adopted by most firms
Risk to Reputation was often excluded from risk models, which was unsound given its fundamental importance

Boards were ‘blind-sided’ by risk crises, leading to loss of reputation and value, with massive strategic disruption
A new model is required, providing better board-level intelligence on Risk Governance & Oversight

With instant global communication, better / more intelligent anticipation of risk is needed
With stakeholder power higher than ever, better protection of the firm’s core asset – its reputation is mandated
With more uncertainty in the world economy, greater assurance of execution of strategy is necessary
Greater corporate confidence in the successful outcome of the mission is needed

Boards can stay ahead of the Risk curve, but new intelligent methods need to be implemented
The four principles in successfully managing ‘Meta Risk’ for Boards
  • Risk to Reputation is the ‘Heart of the programme’. Loss of Reputation can lead to loss of ‘licence to operate’, with consequent ‘snowballing’ of stakeholders reactions and undesirable impacts on business outlook and performance
  • Execution of Strategy: ‘The body of the programme’. Reputation is analysed in the context of the firm’s major corporate strategies – How might reputation advance strategy? How might reputation hinder execution of strategy?
  • Stakeholder analysis ‘The mind of the programme’. Generally corporate risks are not unknown, they’re just not known to the right people. We interrogate all key stakeholder groups on attitudes to reputation and key strategies through a range of ‘Listening Posts’? From which sources is Risk emerging to threaten strategy and reputation?
  • Intelligence: ‘The eyes of the programme’. Unique, academically and professionally validated methodologies are used by our analysts to assess the different data inputs. Highly intelligent, semantic software is deployed to interpret accurate meaning from mass volumes of data inputs
A baseline takes 10 – 12 weeks to deliver to the board, depending on access
With an RiiЯ programme, the board of a leading global insurer averted disruption to strategy

Risk was thought likely to emerge from staff and partners blogging following controversial new positioning
But Risk actually emerged from accusations of plagiarism from African insurer of ad campaign in social media

RiiЯ alerted board and CGC intervened enabling crisis to be averted
Without an RiiЯ programme, a major fast food manufacturer suffered major disruption

Inside : Out thinking hindered identification of development major crisis
Sector analysts and customer groups established link between child marketing and child obesity

Without RiiЯ programme, crisis blew up, stock lost 50% in 6 months, major strategic disruption